B-Art Museum

B-Art Museum

B-Art Museum

Building an App: Fine Art Museum Guide with Inclusive Audio Tour


My Role

UX/UI Design



7 weeks

Tools Used

Figma, Photoshop

The Introduction

The audio tour app enhances the museum visitor experience through a user-friendly interface, informative commentary, interactive features, and engaging activities, providing a personalized way to appreciate and understand the artwork on display.

Defining the Problem

Museum visitors lacked a user-friendly platform to fully engage with and comprehend artwork, calling for an innovative solution that offers an immersive, interactive, and personalized experience to enhance understanding and enjoyment.

The Ultimate Goal

Create an app that enhances visitor engagement through detailed audio descriptions and expert commentary.

Meet the Personas

Our primary audience includes art enthusiasts, students studying art, and travelers eager to discover the artistic and cultural facets of the cities they explore. Each holds an interest in art, and whether it's to gain further insight into the exhibit or to utilize the audio tour in their preferred language, they are devoted users of audio tour apps when uncovering new exhibitions and delving into the history.

Eva Elle

Art enthusiast

Eva, a 62-year-old aficionado of the arts, relishes visiting museums. She possesses a profound love for art and takes pleasure in exploring various artistic methods, historical eras, and the narratives behind the iconic works.

Noah Mccoy


Noah, a 21-year-old graphic design student, enjoys visiting museums to acquire knowledge and hone his skills. By attending exhibitions in his college town, he gains valuable insights and enhances his abilities.

María Pascual


María, a 38-year-old software engineer, loves exploring cityscapes and immersing herself in art and culture by visiting museums and galleries during her travels. Proficient in Spanish, she enjoys using audio tour apps tailored to her native language, allowing her to deeply connect with the exhibits.


Inclusive Audio Descriptions

In-depth auditory explanations enriching visitors' interaction with art pieces.

Comprehensive Commentary

Insightful expert commentary, providing a deeper understanding of the art.

Personalization & Interactive Elements

Customized experiences and captivating components for a tailored and immersive museum exploration, encompassing features like selected language and bookmarking relics.

User Flow

Select and listen to an audio tour

This user journey serves as the foundation for app development design. Aiming for an instinctive and lively design, I've shaped the user journey to guarantee a seamless and delightful experience for users.



Final Design

Typography: The Art of Letters

Heading 1


Heading 2


Heading 3


Heading 4




Body 1


Button 2


Button 3



My Observations: Cultivated a customer-focused approach by understanding the preferences and decisions of prospective museum visitors. Explored components and innovative ideas to enhance user engagement and affinity with the artwork while dedicating attention to details and progressively refined the design to hone and enrich the app's functionality and aesthetics.


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