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Adine Elements was born in the winter of 2017 in a small kitchen in Brooklyn, NYC. What started as a side craft for friends and family turned into a mission to fill other's rooms with beautiful smells. The scents are inspired by cozy evenings with friends, self-care mornings and rainy days.

My objective was to create a simplistic emblem for the brand. It was devised to encompass the 5 characters of ADINE and resemble a sigil. I developed numerous iterations and ultimately selected one after carrying out a poll.

Product Design

Product Design

Product Design



Each candle is individually wrapped in kraft paper, featuring a label and wax seal on top. My inspiration stemmed from my experience working at an antique postage auction house, where I encountered vintage wax seals on letters daily. Each candle collection has a specific theme and corresponding wax seal color. My intention is for users to feel a sense of excitement when unwrapping a new candle, evoking the sensation of opening a gift and discovering the carefully handcrafted artisan candle within, complete with meticulous attention to detail.

Wax Seal and it's colours

Wax Seal and it's colours

Every candle set features a motif and a corresponding wax seal hue, symbolizing the annual seasons and the creative drive behind each collection.

  • The Awakening Collection: Delft Blue

  • The Warmer Day's Collection: Gold | Brass

  • The Fall Collection: Black

  • The Winter Collection: Scarlet Red

  • The Sunday Collection: Silver

The inspiration behind the different Collections

The inspiration behind the different Collections

The inspiration behind the different Collections

Scent palette Design

Scent palette Design

Every one of my collections was crafted to possess a harmonious fragrance palette, tailored for the present season, and to showcase the signature Adine Elements refined aroma.​ The current spring and summer sets were influenced by locations. The Spring assortment drew inspiration from my experiences in Amsterdam, whereas the summer series was inspired by Spain. I selected the summer collection's theme during the Covid pandemic, driven by the homeland of my upbringing, and I longed to be reminded of it through aromas reflective of the Mediterranean sea, roses, and other iconic fragrances.​ To choose fragrances for my collection, I conduct user research to better comprehend my average customers and their olfactory preferences.

The Awakening Collection (Spring)

The Awakening Collection offers a revitalizing blend of natural aromas, inspired by my three-year journey living and working in The Netherlands. This distinct combination serves as my homage to the enchanting city of Amsterdam and its wonderful scents.

Featuring three scented candles:

  • Knus: Black Licorice, Anise & Sandalwood

  • De Pijp: Flower Petals, Herbs & Leafy Greens

  • Du Jardin: Black Tea, Rosemary & Hemp

The Warmer Days Collection (Summer)

Influenced by the vibrant Spring mornings and balmy Summer evenings of Spain, this handcrafted assortment features five carefully chosen fragrances inspired by the ocean, rose gardens, local markets, and leisurely days spent basking in the sunshine. As a tribute to my upbringing in Madrid, this collection captures the essence of my homeland and its rich, delightful aromas and sensations.

Featuring five scented candles:

  • Aromas de playa: Wildflowers, Sea Air & Leafy Greens

  • Despacito: Sea Salt Mist, Lemon Blossom & Jasmine

  • Dias al Sol: Green Banana, Pink Fig & Hyacinth

  • Madrid mi Amor: Rose, Patchouli & Amber

  • Volver: Lemon, Basil & Heirloom Leaves

The Fall Collection (Autumn)

Drawing inspiration from the captivating aromas of autumn, this collection captures the essence of the season. From the warm, earthy notes of Ginger Wood to the comforting blend of Cinnamon, Clove Bud, and Spiced Apple reminiscent of your favorite beverages, and finally, the tranquil essence of extended forest strolls, where Tree Sap and Fir Needle combine to evoke a sense of nature's serenity

Featuring three scented candles:

  • Inner Witch: Ginger Wood, Palo Santo & Cedarwood

  • Sweater Weather: Cinnamon, Clove Bud & Spiced Apple

  • Into the Woods: Tree Sap, Fir Needle & Lavender

The Winter Collection (Winter)

The Winter Collection draws inspiration from the cozy charm of Christmas nights, the serene ambiance of winter walks, and the dreamy allure of sweet dreams. Infused with the enchanting scents of pine, balsam spruce, bergamot, honey, orange marmalade, and white rose, each fragrance is meticulously crafted to bring forth these distinct and inviting atmospheres.

Featuring four scented candles:

  • Cozy Cottage: Woody Leather, Bergamot & Oakmoss

  • Christmas Night: Juniper Fir, Balsam Spruce & Pine Wood

  • Winter Romance: White Rose, Fir Needle & Blue Spruce

  • Sweet Dreams: Honey, Bourbon & Orange Marmalade

The Sunday Collection (Year round)

The Sunday Collection reflects Sunday's diverse moods. Whether it's moments of leisure with lavender, bergamot, cotton, and sandalwood or adding excitement with prosecco, raspberries, jasmine, and peach, Sunday always shines uniquely.

Featuring two scented candles:

  • Sunday Morning: Lavender, Bergamot, Cotton & Sandalwood

  • Sunday Brunch: Prosecco, Raspberries, Jasmine & Peach

Designing the labels

Designing the labels

Designing the labels

My goal was to create a minimalist label that served as both an essential information source and an attractive decorative element in people's homes. The label design has evolved in terms of size, materials, information presentation, font, and more.

It was important to me to include not only the candle's name and ingredients but also the prominent scent notes for each fragrance. I wanted users to imagine the candle's aroma before even opening it.

The kraft label is also featured on the paper packaging, complementing its color, allowing users to easily identify the fragrance notes.

Iterating and improving the final product

Iterating and improving the final product

Iterating and improving the final product

Adine Elements products are in a constant state of evolution, driven by a commitment to customer feedback while preserving the brand's essence.

  • At first, the candles didn't have covers, which caused lingering odors and dust on the wax. I later added covers to keep the fragrance intact. When the pandemic caused cover shortages, I reached out to several ceramic makers and collaborated with a local ceramic artist to create limited edition covers that also serve as tea light holders.

  • The candle vessels transitioned from opaque black and white glass to transparent glass, allowing more light to pass through and showcasing the minimalist beauty of white wax.

  • The labels have evolved in design, dimensions, and materials, always aiming for a clean, informative appearance with recyclable paper for ease of removal and repurposing.

  • The candle wax seals vary by collection to evoke specific emotions in conjunction with each scent."

Website Design

The e-commerce website was built using Shopify, with some custom HTML and CSS sections added to a the debut template.

The website has product pages, collections, a contact form, checkout process, candle care and about pages.

Website address:


All production takes place within my workshop, as I blend and create the candles myself. I then wrap each candle in kraft paper and personalize it with a unique stamp.

Candle Care Tips

Wick Trimming:

Keep your candles looking as beautiful as their first burn. Trim the wick to approximately 4 mm before each use. This prevents 'mushrooming,' ensures a delicate, soot-free flame, and preserves the cleanliness of your jar.

Candles Have Memory:

Avoid the tunneling effect by letting your candle burn until the entire surface becomes liquid on its first use. This usually takes about 1 hour per square inch of its surface, with a maximum burn time of 4 hours. This establishes a 'memory' for your candle, ensuring an even and enjoyable burn.

Ventilation Matters:

Burn candles in well-ventilated areas, especially if using multiple scents simultaneously. Place candles at least 3 inches apart, away from drafts, open vents, or ceiling fans to prevent uneven melting.

Extinguishing with Grace:

Instead of blowing out your candle, use a snuffer or a wick dipper for a smokeless and elegant touch. Never leave a burning candle unattended to ensure safety for all.

Enjoy your candle experience while adding a touch of magic to your routine.

Artwork by Adine Elements
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Fairs & Events

Adine Elements has been part of various exciting events, both in New York City and the Netherlands. In Harlem, New York, they joined the Makers Market Collective, while in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they showcased their products at Artist and Fleas. They also participated in the Greenpointer event in Brooklyn, NY.

In The Netherlands, Adine Elements collaborated with Great Ceramics at the Show UP event at Expo Haarlemmermeer and attended the first post-lockdown event of the Makers Market in Amsterdam.


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